Sometimes I make music. Sometimes I share it.

Shaun Solo

I’ve never played enough to find a consistent sound. I usually find a hook in my mind that I can’t shake, and one day find the time to make it. Presented here are a few of my favorite covers and originals.

Anywhere But Home (2009) was created with a one-night-intention of writing a genuine pop song. A beat was looped, a warbly synth drone warbled. I then rambled off lyrics while this looped and jotted down little phrases I liked. Soon the song grew: two characters, singing with and without one another. A refrain. A counter-melody. A pop-song!

Take Ecstasy With Me (2008) [originally by the Magnetic Fields]

This is my absolute favorite song by the Magnetic Fields. i learned how to play four guitar chords just to cover it! trying something new, i recorded the vocals here first thing in the morning. i liked the effect. i kept it.

Maw House (2009) [demo for Holy Terror - Kardinal, Swann, Karlskind]

After my old band Holy Terror had arranged much of the song, I recorded this at home, solo, to share some ideas with my bandmates. The lyrics had not yet been fleshed out, but I’ve always always enjoyed this rendition.

Here Come the Warm Jets (2006) [originally by Brian Eno]

I adore this song and spent a long time crafting my cover in Reason. This final version contains several live elements, including three vocal layers, a concertina and some random noise thrown in for good measure.

Untitled (bells composition) (2006) is a little minimal composition i played out one afternoon. I never did anything with it from there but always liked it in that state. Presented here is the original recording of what was played.

Sleeping In (Counting Sheep) (2007) began taking shape in my mind years before this recording. Walking to work, a few short phrases came to mind, with a melody:

my mother took her life in the sixties,
but swore that she would always be there with me

my mother took her life when i was sixteen,
i don’t know how we never saw it coming

I wrote these lines on a scrap of paper. Years later, when I found the scrap, I remembered instantly where I had first come up with them, the melody, etc. Moreover, I started to think of more lyrics and penned a few more stanzas in minutes. I was so overcome with the joy of finally completing the lyrics that I grabbed my concertina and started playing a few simple chords. I didn’t know how to play well enough to get the melody I had imagined, so instead I played some simple drones and sang along with it. I did this twice and was so pleased with the results that I loaded up my computer and recorded the third take. That recording is presented here; it’s rough and quiet, but I’m quite happy with it.

with Roger Kardinal

In addition to designing my dad’s second record, I also sang on a few songs. Check out our duetic stylings on the Simon & Garfunkel classic The Boxer. Visit for more.


Kevin Swann & Shaun Kardinal

We made music with Reason software and a few midi controllers.
Here are a few songs from TRUTH, one of four unfinished EPs written in 2005.