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Project Gallery Space, 2009

Portable wall, stickers, typography, performance.

An on-foot gallery exhibition.

First performed for Vital 5′s August 2009 Arbitrary Art Grant in Art Dealing, an hour-long, outdoor performance where art dealers lined an imaginary storefront, peddling art and acting as a wall.

I chose to create not only a new exhibition of work, but also a new gallery with which to promote it: PROJECT GALLERY SPACE, a portable wall, in this instance displaying the most recent work by local artist Shaun Kardinal.

The exhibition was titled Equal ∧ Opposite and featured two new works: the first, a strip of paper on adhesive, titled Light; the second, Dark, toner on paper on adhesive; each 8¾ × 2¾ inches, edition of 100. The former ran for $5 and, naturally, included an edition of the latter, which was not for sale.

With the Light, Comes the Dark.

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Arbitrary Sculpture, 2009

Shopping cart, orange juice cartons, baking sheets, QFC isle. Dimensions variable.

Created for Vital5′s Arbitrary Sculpture Grant, which asked artists to document a sculpture made in a grocery store, created only from store inventory.

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The Other Side, 2009

Lightjet Print on Endura Metallic Paper. 8 x 8 inches, edition of 20.

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Repose, 2009

Lightjet C-Print, 2009. 30 x 30 inches, edition of 3.

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