My name is Shaun Kardinal and

Tidy: I enjoy creating, curating and contemplating visual arts, music and websites (when I’m not obsessing over long-format television shows and books).

Indulgent: I like to create. But, of course, you know it’s more than that.

I am constantly inspired by, frustrated with, raving about, and occasionally crushed by the work around me.

I cannot see enough of it. I must always hear more of it. Even when I’ve worn myself out of it.

I want to make cheap art. Free as often as possible.

Revelations require not recompense. I’m just spit-balling here.

This site collects primarily tangible creations/alterations I’ve generated over the years. Much more photography can be seen on flickr.

I also collect the intangible at my Light/Dark Dualism-themed Equal ∧ Opposite.

Lastly, I built this website with WordPress.
Visit for more about that.