Life Lesson, 2010

Toner on vinyl on adhesive. 8 x 2 inches, edition of 50.

Created for Bad Words exhibition,

this limited edition series of bumperstickers helps to remind me of the limiting power of this succinct statement–that this advice should most always be taken with a heavy dose of salt.

A sculptural installation was included in the exhibit with the series.

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Equal ∧ Opposite, 2009

Bumperstickers. Diptych ('Light' & 'Dark'), 8-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches each.


Project Gallery Space, 2009

Portable wall, stickers, typography, performance.

An on-foot gallery exhibition.

First performed for Vital 5’s August 2009 Arbitrary Art Grant in Art Dealing, an hour-long, outdoor performance where art dealers lined an imaginary storefront, peddling art and acting as a wall.

I chose to create not only a new exhibition of work, but also a new gallery with which to promote it: PROJECT GALLERY SPACE, a portable wall, in this instance displaying the most recent work by local artist Shaun Kardinal.

The exhibition was titled Equal ∧ Opposite and featured two new works: the first, a strip of paper on adhesive, titled Light; the second, Dark, toner on paper on adhesive; each 8¾ × 2¾ inches, edition of 100. The former ran for $5 and, naturally, included an edition of the latter, which was not for sale.

With the Light, Comes the Dark.

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