Inflection, 2008

Lightjet C-Prints. Diptych, 13-1/2 x 9 inches each, edition of 3.

Ariana and I shared a passion for photography.

We were each working with self-portraiture when our friendship blossomed. Despite our differences in background and intent, our individual works shared one thing in particular: skin. For a long time, we discussed the idea of a collaboration, feeling there would be a strong, graceful balance between us. We talked of a Felice Varini-inspired series and sketched out patterns to draw on our bodies. When the time came to shoot, a funny thing happened: we scrapped everything and worked intuitively with the space and the light we had. The resulting diptych is about the differences and the similarities between us. It was an exciting shoot and I’ll always remember it for being my first true collaboration.

Visit for Ariana’s amazing work.

Left half of diptych, photo by Ariana.

Right half of diptych, photo by me.

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