Holding Pattern (TV Guide), 2011

Hand-embroidered magazine (TV Guide, October 1970). 6 x 9 inches. Collaboration with Troy Gua.

A Troy Gua Production

Troy’s latest exhibition, The Sweet Life (Act Like You’re Interested), is a show ‘with many threads’–figuratively with its multiple intertwining core ideas and, with my contribution, quite literally. Troy asked three other artists to generate work for his show. Under his direction [thread], he provided me with a chosen TV Guide cover (after this set), which would rest on the arm of his father’s [thread] old recliner. Surrounding it: trash as art [thread], cleverly-arranged and -manipulated family portraits, art-negating-artworks [thread], and a plastic Jesus swinging from a toy helicopter [thread], among others. If that reads like a mess, it’s probably because it is a little–and it’s a mess I’m very pleased to be a part of.

Holding Pattern (installation view)

The show runs through November 24 at NEPO House in Columbia City, Seattle.

In-progress detail

In progress detail

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