Lumière dans l’Empire du Gris, 2012

Hand-embroidered archival inkjet print, 10 x 10 inches.

Created for ONN/OF, a two-day art festival of Light.

I was invited to contribute a piece of art and a drink recipe for the Visual Art Happy Hour of the ONN/OF art festival, which was all about providing Light in the midst of Seattle’s generally dreary gray winter. During one of these gray mornings, I took a photo from my living room window. While there was some digital manipulation in the textures of the clouds in the photo, there was not much further color-adjusting necessary–it really was a perfectly flat, gray morning.

I had two archival inkjet prints made of the shot. Still interested in embroidery, I decided to sew up the first, preparing a mandala pattern which generated a sun-like shape.

Das Hermosa Mimosa Platter, mounted archival inkjet print, 16 x 16 inches.

The second print, altered with a set of glowing orbs radiating from its center, served as a platter for the drink portion of my contribution: Das Hermosa Mimosa, an editioned set of mimosa gelatin shots, presented individually in 1.5oz paint containers–wee doses of delicious light and beauty. A tasty little treat, I thought.

Das Hermosa Mimosa, 1.5oz champagne & oj gelatin shot in paint container, edition of 25.

I am happy to report that all 25 shots were snatched up during the Happy Hour. I hope they brought a glow to those who consumed them!

installation detail

installation detail

installation detail

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